AS9100D Certified

Military Critical Technical Data Agreement

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Rigger’s Guide to proper swaging techniques

Locoloc® #3-H Handswager

Locoloc® #3-H Handswager

Locoloc® Hydraulic Swager
Part No. #3-H

Exerts 14 tons of pressure. A few strokes of handle brings the dies from wide open to contact with the fitting to be swaged. Then an internal valve automatically shifts from the low pressure pump stage to the high pressure compression stage. A relief valve prevents over-compression.

The advanced-retract control for the ram is located in the moveable handle. It is operated by twisting the handle less than a 1/4 turn.

Full visibility of the working area is afforded by the narrow, 180° swivel “C” head, making it easy to position the dies on the fitting. Gauge supplied with each die.

Available as a Kit.

Download a copy of the operator’s manual.

View our HOW TO: Hydraulic Swager Tool



Hydraulic compression tool with a two stage section for use with interchangeable die sets, 1/4″ to 1/2″.

Lenght: 23″
Wide: 6″
Weight: 13 lbs.

Complete with plastic carrying case
Dies sold separately with gauges included
Head rotates 180° for difficult situations



Information below for: Flexible Cable 7×19 / 6×19 Construction.

For Maximum Safety and Holding Power we recommend using Two (2) sleeves on 3/8″ and larger.

REPLACEABLE DIES – Sold Separately


Your LOCOLOC® Swager has been designed to give you years of trouble-free service. To obtain the best performance, we recommend:

  1. Keep the tool clean and free from dirt or metal particles, especially around the head, dies, and ram of the tool.
  2. Lubricate all moving parts regularly.
  3. Keep all bolts tight.
  4. Check the oil level periodically and use clean oil as recommended. Never mix different brands or types of oil.