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Locoloc® Oval Sleeves

Locoloc® Oval Sleeves

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Locoloc® Oval Sleeves: MS51844 Series
(Copper Sleeves conform to Military Spec MS51844)

Sleeves for eye, lap and stop sleeve splicing are available in either aluminum or copper in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 1/32″ to 1/2″ inclusive. All oval sleeves (copper or aluminum) are capable of supporting a greater load than the rated breaking strength of the cable to which they are attached when properly applied with Locoloc® Hand Swager to bare cable on 3×7, 7×7, 7×19, and 6×19 constructions. Stop sleeves capable of holding only 1/3 to 1/2 of the rated breaking strength of the cable to which they are attached. All sizes and types are bulk packaged. Copper oval sleeves available either plain, zinc, nickel, or tin plated. Plain copper supplied unless otherwise specified. Special lengths of either copper or aluminum oval and stop sleeves available on special order.



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Oval Sleeves


To Fit Cable DiameterAluminum Oval SleevesCopper Oval SleevesCopper Oval Sleeves
Copper Oval Sleeves
Use Tool Number:
1/32 Part No.Available in Copper OnlySL2-1SL2-1PSL2-1TP000-WCI, #1-3-SBHS, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-40MS51844-20MS51844-80
Weight lbs/Mpcs.6.6.6
3/64Part No.SL1-1.5SL2-1.5SL2-1.5PSL2-1.5TP000-WCI, 0-1.5-3FS, #1-3-SBHS,0-3/64SC, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-41
Weight lbs/Mpcs.6222
1/16Part No.SL1-2SL2-2SL2-2PSL2-2TP000-WCI, 0-1.5-3FS, #1-3-SBHS,0-1/16SC, #1-BSC,#1-P, HC, SL7NDK-R, or, #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-42MS51844-22
Weight lbs/Mpcs.
3/32Part No.SL1-3SL2-3SL2-3PSL2-3TP0-1.5-3FS, 0-3/32SC, #1-3-SBHS, #1-SC, #1-P, #1-BSC, SL-7NDK-R, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-43MS51844-23MS51844-83
Weight lbs/Mpcs2.5666
1/8Part No.SL1-4SL2-4SL2-4PSL2-4TP0-1/8SC, #1-SC, #1-BSC, #1-P. SL-7NDK-R, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-44MS51844-24MS51844-84
Weight lbs/Mpcs5.8161616
5/32Part No.SL1-5SL2-5SL2-5PSL2-5TP0-5/32SC, #1-SC, #1-BSC, #1-P, SL-&NDK-Rm or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-45MS51844-25MS51844-85
Weight lbs/Mpcs7232323
3/16Part No.SL1-6SL2-6SL2-6PSL2-6TP0-3/16SC, #1-SC, #1-BSC, #1-P, SK-7NDK-R, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-46MS51844-26MS51844-86
Weight lbs/Mpcs14.5535353
7/32Part No.SL1-7SL2-7SL2-7PSL2-7TP0-7/32, SL-7NDK-R, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-47MS51844-27MS51844-87
Weight lbs/Mpcs2145.545.545.5
1/4Part No.SL1-8SL2-8SL2-8PSL2-8TP0-1/4, #3-H, SL-7NDK-R, SL-C7510, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-48MS51844-28MS51844-88
Weight lbs/Mpcs28767676
9/32Part No.SL1-9SL2-9SL2-9PSL2-9TP0-9/23, SL-7NDK-R, or #5-H
MS Part Number
Weight lbs/Mpcs
5/16Part No.SL1-10SL2-10SL2-10PSL2-10TP0-5/16, #3-H, SL-7NDK-R, SL-C7510, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-49MS51844-29MS51844-89
Weight lbs/Mpcs41122124124
3/8Part No.SL1-12SL2-12SL2-12PSL2-12TPSL-C7510, #3-H, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-50MS51844-30MS51844-90
Weight lbs/Mpcs57156158158
7/16Part No.SL1-14SL2-14SL2-14PSL2-14TPSL-C7510, #3-H, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-51MS51844-31MS51844-91
Weight lbs/Mpcs116282284284
1/2Part No.SL1-16SL2-16SL2-16PSL2-16TPSL-C7510, #3-H, or #5-H
MS Part NumberMS51844-52MS51844-32MS51844-92
Weight lbs/Mpcs172384386386

Special lengths of either copper or aluminum oval sleeves available on special order.
Aluminum Sleeves and Stops are inspected and accepted to ANSI acceptance level 6.5


Aluminum Oval Sleeves (SL1-)

Copper Oval Sleeves (SL2-)

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