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How to use Hydraulic Cable Cutters

Loos & Co. LOCOLOC Handheld Hydraulic Cable Cutters


Welcome to Loos and Company’s How-To Video Series Demonstrating our LOCOLOC line of tools

In this video we will be demonstrating the proper use of our HC-16 Hydraulic cable cutter

This tool is capable of cutting cables up to 5/8’s diameter stainless steel and galvanized cable

Our HC-16 tool comes labeled as shown with our part number and lot number for traceability

And comes with a complete set of instructions to guide you in the proper operation of your cable cutter

As well as a detailed parts list, should your cutter ever need service or replacement parts

Also included is a pouch to store your cable cutter, to keep it clean of any dirt and debris

Note the warning label on each of our tools

Do not use the tool around electrical wires or in an electrical panel and always wear safety goggles

Also avoid advancing the blade under pressure without any material in the cutting head

In this demonstration we will be cutting a 5/16ths galvanized cable

Prior to cutting, make sure the cable being cut is within the material guidelines and the capacity of the tool

Do not use this tool to cut extra high-strength guy wire or bridge strand

Begin by opening the cutter head by lifting the latch

Insert the cable between the cutter head and the blade and secure the latch

Failure to secure the latch properly can result in severe tool damage and personal injury

Align the material 90 degrees to the angle of the blade

This will ensure a proper cut with minimal distortion

If the material is cut at any other angle, severe blade damage can occur

Proceed by pumping the handle to advance the blade

Once the blade has made contact with the material, recheck your alignment

Maintain 90-degree angle and continue to pump the handle and cut the material

Once the cut is made, the release lever on the side of the tool body can be depressed to retract the blade

If necessary, blades can be sharpened as per the enclosed instructions and spare blades are readily available

There are no adjustments on our HC-16 hydraulic cutter

Should your tool ever need reconditioning, parts, or repair, please contact our factory

This concludes our video demonstration, thank you for watching