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About BrushKing®

About Brushking®
BrushKing® is a division of Loos & Co., Inc. offering a comprehensive line of shearing knives, saws, pruners, and tree shaping accessories to outdoor professionals across the globe. The same quality and reliability you have come to expect from our LOCOLOC® swaging tools is what sets Brushking® apart. Whether you are looking for shearing knives or pruners, we have all the tools you need this season at

High Quality
At BrushKing®, quality is the number one priority. Our shearing products are most well known for their high-quality German stainless steel. These blades are recognized around the world due to their strength, precision, and lightweight feel. Our knives are the top seller for Christmas tree shearing due to our blades providing superior cutting capabilities while remaining well balanced. American-made carbon steel shearing knife options are also available.

BrushKing® has a uniquely diverse product line to ensure outdoor professionals have a great selection when searching for pruning and shaping solutions. Besides our German and USA shearing knives, BrushKing® has grafting and pruning knives in numerous styles and a wide range of hand saws, pole saws, and folding soles. These tools have a comfortable grip with or without a shrink tube and are specially designed to allow for heavyweight shearing while minimizing wrist and forearm fatigue.

Alongside our product line, BrushKing® has teamed up with FELCO®. FELCO® is recognized globally for its exceptional quality and high performance in the outdoor pruning and shaping industry. BrushKing® carries a range of FELCO® pruners and cutters, including tools specially designed for left-hand use and specific hand sizes.

While traveling abroad in rural Germany, the founder of Loos and Company Inc., Gus Loos, came across a phenomenal knife maker. The two quickly struck up a deal after Gus began buying these beautiful, high-quality blades from the artesian. By 1985, Gus realized a large potential with these shearing knives; thus, BrushKing® was founded. Over 35 years later, it still provides customers with the same high-level quality products that the business was built on.