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Rigger’s Guide to proper swaging techniques


What is the accuracy of the Tension Gauge?

Plus or minus 3% at mid range.

Will the Tension Gauge work on coated cable?

No – it is designed to be used on bare cable.

What is the proper tool to use with Stainless Steel Sleeves?

You would use the next smaller cavity size (i.e. with a 1/16″ stainless steel sleeve use 3/64″ cavity tool).

How much do they hold?

The breaking strength of the cable to which they are attached when properly applied.

Plain ball (BA3/BACT14B) can be swaged using what tool?

No hand tool will do this fitting.  You can use our DI4-B3 (special die set) in your press.

How much do they hold?

They do not hold the breaking strength of the cable. See chart for the cable size.

Will the M1 or M2 swage sleeves?

No – they do not swage copper or aluminum duplex sleeves or stops.

How long do the dies last?

Normally, they never wear out as they are heat treated tool steel.

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