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Cableware Division Quality Policy

The dedicated associates at Loos & Co., Inc. Cableware Division are committed to providing customer satisfaction at every level. We achieve this through a certified quality management system, by cultivating strategic supplier partnerships, and a mind-set of continuous improvement.

In 1979 the Cableware Division of Loos & Co., Inc. was started in Naples, Florida. With only 10 employees at our inception, we have now grown into a very busy company with diversified products and over 64 employees.

Our founder, Gus Loos, and our President, Tony Naines planned for the inevitable growth of our company. With the addition of new products and the need for increased manufacturing capacity, we moved into our new 80,000 square foot facility in 1996.

The major portion of our manufacturing is devoted to the production of Military Specification wire rope fittings, connectors and terminations. These products are on the QPD (Qualified Producers Database) for the US Government. Several hundred product numbers are manufactured and warehoused in our Naples facility. Additionally, we manufacture the swaging machines and tools needed to connect our manufactured hardware to the various types of wire rope. We are proud to be able to offer fast turnaround and complete delivery from our large supply of finished inventory.

For many years, the Cableware Division has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with FELCO® S.A. of Switzerland, manufacturers of the finest cable cutting tools in the industry. We are the sole importer of these tools for the USA.

We have become a major supplier of UL Listed Seismic Bracing Products to the construction industry. Loos’ Seismic Cable Bracing is fast becoming the preferred product for mechanical contractors in many types of commercial construction projects all over the world.

The Cableware Division obtained its ISO Certification in the year 2000. We recently were certified under ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D. These achievements have made us a better company in all aspects of our daily operations.

Many of our employees have been here since our inception in 1979. The combined experience of our dedicated staff of people makes us a formidable team of specialists in our industry. We are always eager to provide you with a friendly and efficient solution to your needs.

MS Parts (Military Specification) are manufactured to strict standards by manufacturers approved by the United States Department of Defense. The specifications are actually Detail Specification Sheets and are available at no charge from Also available at this site are the approved manufacturers for each part.

The MS Series of parts are also subject to either MIL-DTL-781 or MIL-DTL-8878. MIL-DTL-781 includes Studs, Forks , Eyes, and Single and Double Shank Balls. Turnbuckles and turnbuckle hardware are specified in MIL-DTL-8878. Approved manufacturers are listed in QPD-781 and QPD-8878 (QPL-781 and QPL-8878) and are also available at the site.

Loos & Co., Inc., Cableware Division is proud to be listed in both QPDs (Qualified Producers Database) for all your MS Hardware needs.