AS9100D Certified

Military Critical Technical Data Agreement

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Rigger’s Guide to proper swaging techniques

Locoloc® 000-WCI Handswager

Locoloc 000-WCI Handswager

Locoloc® 000-WCI Handswager

Locoloc® Handswager
Part No. 000-WCI

Eye, lap, and stop sleeve splicing is made sure and easy with the new handswagers. Packaged in plastic pouch.

Locoloc® 000-WCI – Handswager – Small, compact, can be carried in your pocket.

To assure proper swaging of Locoloc® aluminum and copper sleeves, we include a Locoloc® “Go” “No Go” gauge with each cable swaging tool free of charge.


  • Swages 1/32″, 3/64″, and 1/16″ oval and stop sleeves copper and aluminum. Has built in cable cutter.
  • Length: 10″
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Very small lanyard assemblies
  • Fishing leader


Your LOCOLOC® Swager has been designed to give you years of trouble-free service. To obtain the best performance, we recommend:

  1. clean and lubricate all moving parts regularly
  2. keep all bolts tight
  3. keep your swager properly adjusted

Additional Info

To assure proper swaging of Locoloc® aluminum, copper and stainless steel sleeves we include a Locoloc® “Go” “No Go” gauge with each cable swaging tool free of charge