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Locoloc® Alum. Rope Sleeves

Locoloc® Thin Wall Aluminum Oval Sleeves

Locoloc® Thin Wall Aluminum Oval Sleeves


For use on hemp, manila, nylon, Dacron, cotton and all types of fiber, or synthetic ropes, bungee cord, and plastic coated cables. NOTE: We do not guarantee nor do we imply the holding strength of these sleeves because the breaking strengths of the various materials on which they are used, the physical properties, tensile strengths, hardnesses, stretch factors and end uses are too vast and varied to cover all applications. We will supply samples for you to test, or will perform tests if you supply samples of material on which you wish to use these sleeves and will determine maximum holding strengths for your specific application. Length can be extended to increase holding strengths.






Aluminum Sleeves for use with rope












When ordering: Specify Part No. and diameter of cable hardware it is to fit.



Drawing & Dimensions for Thin Wall Aluminum Oval Sleeves (Click Here)