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M2 Optional Power Drive

M2 Power Drive
Figure 1

LOOS & CO. also offers a M2 power drive for optional application to the Type II Swaging Machine. This specially designed power drive consists of a reversible 1.5 HP single phase 115 volt 60 cycle motor, a right angle worm gear type speed reducer, a foot switch with 9 feet of cable for the connection to electric power supply, and a two sprockets, a roller chain of proper length, and a chain guard. A steel base plate is included so that both the reduction gear housing and the swaging machine can be secured in their proper location by cap screws. (See Figure 1)

Customer installation

If the customer wishes to convert a Type II manually operated Swaging Machine to power operated, a Power Drive Kit shown above can be purchased separately. The power driven kit can be assembled in the customer’s own shop.

Power Drive KitFigure 2 – Power driven machine with foot switch & electric cables mounted on top of shipping container/bench

Factory Installation

If so ordered, the M2 Power Drive will be shipped from the factory and assembled to the Type II Swaging Machine, as shown above. In this case, the assembly of the the Type II Swaging Machine and the Power Drive is attached to and enclosed in the lower half of the shipping container/bench and the dies and accessories are secured in a box and put in the bench. (As shown in Figure 3) Upon receipt at the customer’s plant, the assembly of the Type II Swaging Machine and Power Drive is detached from under the shipping container/bench and transferred to the bench surface. (See Figure 2)

Type II Swaging MachineFigure 3 – Shipping container/ bench with power driven machine inside ready for shipping

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