Thursday, 13th May 2021 | 3:42:57am | EST, USA

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Safety Wire Plier

Spring-Loaded, Automatic Return, Wire Twist Safety Wire Plier

Spring Loaded, Automatic Return, Wire Twist, Safety Wire Plier




3 tools in one - cutter, wire twister and a pair of pliers. You can grip, twist and snip safety wire faster and better than ever before. Designed for aircraft, industrial and other "vibrating" applications. The Safety Twist Plier is a versatile tool to help you do reliable safety-wiring (lock wiring) rapidly and consistently. Safety wiring remains the most positive and assured method of securing critical fasteners that must not be allowed to back out: any tendency of the fastener to loosen is counteracted by tightening of the safety wire.


Length: 10.5 in.

Weight: 0.5 lbs.

Wire Capacity: 0.060" (1.51 mm)


Unique Features:

  • ○ Spring-return feature automatically retracts the twist rod to ease and speed the work
  • ○ Faster with better control
  • ○ Reversible twist
  • ○ Diagonal nose
  • ○ Right-hand twist
  • ○ Cushion throat jaw
  • ○ High carbon alloy steel forgings
  • ○ Made in the U.S.A.







Use with Safety Locking Wire (NASM20995)