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Locoloc® #5-H Idraulico

#5-H Hydraulic Swaging Machine

Locoloc® #5-H Idraulico


The #5 Locoloc® combines 25 tons of strength with an independent hydraulic power supply. It’s lighter and more compact than normal-, low-, or medium-pressure hydraulic units.

This swager assures dependable pressure for strong, dependable cable assemblies.

This 10,000 PSI system swages 3/64″ to 1/2″ Locoloc® aluminum and copper oval and stop sleeves with ease.* The #5-H Locoloc® Hydraulic Swager, swages from 500 PSI every 1 second (approx.) to 8,000 PSI every 6 seconds (approx.).

If you suspect slow swaging production may be stealing some of your profits, find out more about the #5 Locoloc® Hydraulic Swager.
Alias: The Production Pusher.

Ask us about the many types of hardware and able we offer to solve your production needs, including Locoloc® aluminum and copper oval and stop sleeves.

*For dependable swaging, use only Locoloc® aluminum and copper oval and stop sleeves.

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the #5 Locoloc® Hydraulic Swager has a reputation for reliable production. Its quality components include:

  • A 1.5 HP, 115-volt powered, 60 Hz, 2-stage hydraulic pump and 4-way valve assembly with integral 5 gallon reservoir.
  • A 3″ bore hydraulic cylinder rated for 10,000 PSI.
  • A control system providing a method of changing pressure and actuating the hydraulic swaging unit.
  • A convenient work stand on which the swaging package is mounted.
  • A wide selection of swaging dies developed and proven by Loos & Co., Inc. Cableware® Division.


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