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Locoloc® #0-3-SBHS-R Handswager

Locoloc 0-3-SBHS-R Handswager

Locoloc® #0-3-SBHS-R Handswager

Locoloc® Handswager
Part Number: #0-3-SBHS-R

Eye and lap sleeve splicing of cables is made sure and easy with this handswager. Easy adjustment.

This tool is an outstanding small handheld tool, and it does a great job of swaging small sleeves.

Usage instructions and swage gauge included in each tool.

To assure proper swaging of Locoloc® aluminum and copper sleeves, we include a Locoloc® “Go/No-Go” gauge with each cable swaging tool free of charge.

Length: 12 inches

Scaricare a copy of the instruction manual.

Our Locoloc® hand Swaging tools are domestically manufactured at our Naples, Florida facility. By purchasing hand swaging tools from Loos & Co., Inc., you are guaranteed a well-crafted American made product, while directly supporting American jobs and the American manufacturing industry. If you would like to learn more about using a swaging tool, check out our swaging tool instructions videos.

If you would like to speak with one of our swaging experts about using a swaging tool or learn more about our domestically made products, please contact us via one of the methods below, and we will reach out to you directly.

Specifiche tecniche

This is a (1) cavity tool, swages sleeve size 3/32″ copper and aluminum sleeves. Ratchet mechanism will not release until swage is complete.


Your LOCOLOC® Swager has been designed to give you years of trouble-free service. To obtain the best performance, we recommend:

  1. clean and lubricate all moving parts regularly
  2. keep all bolts tight
  3. keep your swager properly adjusted