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Locoloc® #1-P Cesoie pneumatiche

pneumatic swager

Locoloc® #1-P Cesoie pneumatiche

Eye, lap, and stop sleeve splicing of cables up to 3/16″ diameter are made sure and easy with the new handswagers. Design features “over-center” leverage, which transmits a powerful snap-action to the final thrust of the jaws… assures a tight, clean compression every time. Easy adjustment. Individual replacement parts are available. Parts list included with tool. Gauge included with each tool.

For the shop requiring a production tool the #1-P Pneumatic Swager eliminates hand labor and automates swaging of Locoloc® oval and stop sleeves. This tools is for Copper and Aluminum only. For Stainless Steel Sleeves use “0” Tool.

Scaricare una copia del manuale dell'operatore.


Specifiche tecniche

Utilizing the jaws of the #1-BSC Bench Swager the #1-P Pneumatic Swager will swage all 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, and 3/16″ oval and stop sleeves plus 7/32″ stop sleeves. (11 sizes in all!)

Foot switch operation allows free movement of hands and quick disconnect to your air supply. Operates on
standard air supply. (140 psi, minimum.)

Length: 20″

Height: 11″

Weight: 27.5 lbs.



#1P-1Coupling, 3/16" ID X 1/8" MPT, #220B4
#1P-3Elbow, Street, Coupling, 1165A2
#1P-6Foot Switch1
#1P-7Hose, 3/16", Low Pressure, 60"2
#1P-8Nipple, 2", Dynaquip 117A21
#1P-9Nut, 3/8-24, UNRF Locking4
#1P-10Screw, 3/8-24, UNRF 1 3/8", Hex Head4
#1P-11Clamp 7/16", O, Oetaker, 2 Prong4
PI5-2Cotter Pin, SS, 3/32" Dia, 1 Inch1
PI1-8Pin Clevis for 1/4" MS Parts 3/8" Dia1
#1P-50Jaw Assembly, for #1-P, Machine Head1
#1P-21Nut, 5/8-18, Hex, Locking, Grade 83
84-38Plate Name1
74-21Screw, No. 4 X 3/16" LG, Drive, SS2
#1P-29Wheel, Adjustment1
#1P-31Cylinder, Air, Fabco1
#1P-32RBase, 2 Part, R.H. Side (Includes (1) 130-1)1
#1P-32LBase, 2 Part, L,H. Side (Includes (1) 130-1)1
#1P-33Connector, 1/2-20 Threaded Yoke Rod (Includes #1P-22)1
#1P-34Link, Upper (Includes (2) 130-1 Old Style)2
#1P-35Link, Lower (Includes (3) 130-1 Old Style)1
#1P-36Frame, Extension1
#1P-37Guard, 1/2", #16 Flat, 7" X 23" LWO, EXP Metal1
#1P-38Screw, 7/16-14 X 3/8", Long Set2
#1P-39Bolt, 3/8" X 1", Socket Shoulder3
#1P-41Screw, 1/4-20 X 3/8", Socket Head Cap4
#1P-42Washer, 1/4", Standard, Steel4
#1P-43Plug, 1/8 N.P.T. #726 Milton1
#1P-44Coupling, 1/8 N.P.T.1
#4-9HSGuard, Foot Switch, 522B141
84E-19Set Screw, 1/4-20 X 1/4" Socket Head2
74-46Washer, Spacer2
130-1Bushing (9- Old Style /2- New Style Machine)9
3/8LWWasher,3/8" Lock3


Your LOCOLOC® Swager has been designed to give you years of trouble free service. To obtain the best possible performance, we recommend:

  1. clean and lubricate all moving parts regularly
  2. keep all bolts tight
  3. keep your swager properly adjusted

Informazioni aggiuntive

To assure proper swaging of Locoloc® aluminum and copper  sleeves we include a Locoloc® “Go” “No Go” gauge with each cable swaging tool free of charge.

Istruzioni per l'uso

Visualizza il nostro HOW TO: #1P Macchina per la giunzione ad aria compressa