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HC-20 Taglierina idraulica per cavi

hydraulic cable cutter

HC-20 Taglierina idraulica per cavi

HC-20 Taglierina idraulica per cavi
Type HC-20

Portable, lightweight, and made to last years under the toughest field conditions. This tool is made of high grade steel and has rubber handle grips. It is black zinc oxide-coated to help reduce corrosion.

A flip-top latch opens the tool jaw to easily accept cables and wires. The head can be rotated up to 180° to facilitate easy wire positioning and operator leverage.

* Lightweight and Portable
* Works in any position
* 180° Rotational Head

Scaricare a copy of the operator’s manual.

Specifiche tecniche

Output: 4.4 Ton

Length: 14″

Weight: 5.75 lbs.

Jaw Opening: .75″

Replacement Blade P/N: 20-07


Wire Rope: 20 mm, 3/4″

Soft Steel Bolts: 17 mm, 11/16″

Rebar Ground & Anchor Rod: 13 mm, 1/2″