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Manguitos de acero inoxidable Locoloc

locoloc stainless steel sleeves

Manguitos de acero inoxidable Locoloc

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Locoloc® Stainless Steel Oval Sleeves: SL11 Series

Locoloc® Stainless Steel Oval Sleeves make it simple and easy to lap-and eye-splice cable and wire rope. Ideal for general outdoor, marine, corrosive and other harsh environments. Conforms to Mill Spec MS51844.

  • MS51844: SÍ


Loos & Co., Inc’s wire rope terminals are domestically manufactured at our Naples, Florida facility. By purchasing from Loos & Co., Inc., you are guaranteed a well-crafted American made product, while directly supporting American jobs and the American manufacturing industry.

If you would like to speak with one of our wire rope terminals experts to learn more about our domestically made products, please contact us using any method below, and we will reach out to you directly.

Planos y especificaciones

Número de pieza
MS Part No.
Diámetro del cable
E � 1/32
Use Tool Number
Approx. Part Wt. (Lbs./M)
SL11-1*MS51844-601/323/329/641/4#1-3-SBHS (DI4-1)0.4
SL11-1.5*MS51844-613/641/813/643/80-3/64SC or #5-H (DI4-1.5)1.6
SL11-2*MS51844-621/169/647/323/80-3/64SC or #5-H (DI4-1.5)1.5
SL11-3*MS51844-633/3211/649/323/80-1/16SC or #5-H (DI4-2)1.7
SL11-4*MS51844-641/87/323/83/80-3/32SC,SL-7NDK-R, or #5-H (DI4-3)3.7
SL11-5*MS51844-655/325/1631/6447/640-1/8SC,SL-7NDK-R, or #5-H (DI4-4)14.1
SL11-6*MS51844-663/1611/3235/6463/640-5/32SC,SL-7NDK-R, or #5-H (DI4-5)22.8
SL11-7*MS51844-677/3227/6421/327/80-3/16SC,SL-7NDK-R, or #5 -H (DI4-6)31.4
SL11-8*MS51844-681/47/1645/641 9/640-7/32SC,SL-7NDK-R, or #5-H (DI4-7)44.3
SL11-10*MS51844-695/169/167/81 3/80-9/32, SL-7NDK-R, SL-C7510, #3-H (HD3-8) or #5-H (DI4-9)76.32
SL11-12*MS51844-703/85/81 1/321 3/8SL-7NDK-R, SL-C7510, or #5-H (DI4-10)102.5
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Additional Information

Download Locoloc® Stainless Steel Sleeves Data Sheet

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