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Precision Aerospace Bushings – Standards and Build-to-Print Custom Solutions​

Over 60 Years of proven excellence, unmatched quality, and on-time delivery.

For more than 60 years Loos&Co. Inc, have been leading the way in manufacturing for Aerospace. Backed by Central Wire Group of Companies, our vast selection of available grades and unprecedented access to raw materials allow us to produce both standard and build-to-print bushings and deliver on-time!

Increase the efficiencies in your buying and end-use application processes by partnering with Loos&Co for all of your Bushings requirements. 


Bushings are small aircraft parts used in the aerospace and military industries.  They are crucial for reducing friction in key parts of an aircraft and act as a barrier between moving parts, ensuring that they glide smoothly against each other with minimal resistance. Reducing friction without oil or grease is especially important in high-stress areas where metal-on-metal contact could lead to wear and potential failure. 

Bushings also help with supporting loads during aircraft operation. Whether from external forces or internal mechanical stresses, significant loads can be experienced by aerospace components. Bushings help distribute these loads, preventing localized pressure points that could weaken or damage the surrounding structure. 

bushing drawing

Our Bushings:

Standard Bushings:

  • NAS72
  • NAS75 
  • NAS76 
  • NAS77
Proprietary Bushings:
  • BACB28AP
  • BACB28AK
  • BACB28AT
  • BACB28
  • S70
Size Capabilities:
  • Up to 1.5″ Diameter
  • Up to 3″ in Length


  • 4130ph
  • 17-4ph
  • Aluminum Bronze
  • Inconel 718 


  • Zinc
  • Chrome
  • Clad
  • Aluminum

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Our Certifications:

Our bushings conform to the following standards: 



NAS Part Standards 

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