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How to use a #5-H Hydraulic Swager

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Today you’ll learn how to swage stops and sleeves using the #5-H Hydraulic Swager from LOCOLOC

From swaging copper, aluminum, and stainless steel oval and stop sleeves, nothing produces a higher number of assemblies faster than LOCOLOC’s #5-H

Occasionally known as the production pusher this press is capable of swaging at 800 psi every second or at 8,000 psi every 6 seconds

When assembling refer often to your operator’s manual

Le manuel contient des instructions et des diagrammes qui vous aideront à chaque étape de l'installation et de l'utilisation.

Vous trouverez également des conseils pour dépanner la machine, des instructions pour l'entretien et d'autres conseils utiles.

Once you have mounted the vertical frame and power unit to the table

The only thing to do will be to ensure the hydraulic oil level is sufficient

That the hoses are connected to the correct ports and that the RAM return micro switch is installed

To install simply align with the die shoe mount and press down until you hear a click

Tighten at this point

You are now ready to install the dies into the die shoe

The die sets for the #5-H are secured with four screws and are easily changeable

Be sure never to operate the machine with the dies removed from the die shoe

This can ruin the die shoe and cause injury

Before each operation be sure that the hydraulic oil level is sufficient and the RAM return micro switch is set to the off in the clicked up position

Be sure to only use a hydraulic oil that is meant to be used in high psi applications

Plug the press into 120 volt 60 hertz outlet

The LCD display backlight will come on and the machine will be in auto mode

Press the green start button to power up the hydraulic pump

Set the pressure using this switch

Checking the pressure gauge located here beneath the table.

Refer to your included manual for a detailed table of recommended pressure settings for all sizes of sleeves and stops

To swage simply position the fitting at your desired location on the cable

Place into the die

And depress the foot pedal

The machine will automatically cycle and you will be ready for the next swage

Be sure to refer to your manual for the proper number of compressions

Some sizes of sleeves require two passes through the machine

Be sure to check the after swage diameter to ensure that a proper swage has been achieved

A properly swaged fitting will hold the break strength of the cable

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Locoloc® #5-H Hydraulic Swaging Machine

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