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CSS Kit – Copper Hand Swaging Kit

Copper Hand Swaging Kit

CSS Kit – Copper Hand Swaging Kit

CSS Kit – Copper & Stainless Steel Locoloc® Handswaging Kit

All you need to swage popular sizes, the kit contains #1-SC Hand Tool, a C7 Cable Cutter, assortment of stop and oval sleeves, assortment of thimbles.

It will handle all sizes from 1/16″ up to and including 3/16″. Packaged in rugged steel tool box. Supplied with copper sleeves and stainless steel thimbles.

Shipping Weight (Entire Kit): 20 Lbs.



QtyTeil NummerBeschreibung
1#1-SCMulti Cavity Hand Swager , 1/16 - 3/16
1C75/32 FELCO Cable Cutter
100SL2-21/16 Copper Sleeve
100SL2-33/32 Copper Sleeve
50SL2-41/8 Copper Sleeve
40SL2-55/32 Copper Sleeve
20SL2-63/16 Copper Sleeve
100ST2-21/16 Copper Stop
100ST2-33/32 Copper Stop
50ST2-41/8 Copper Stop
40ST2-55/32 Copper Stop
20ST2-63/16 Aluminum Stop
100AN100-C33/64 - 3/3 Stainless Steel Thimble
50AN100-C43/32 - 1/8 Stainless Steel Thimble
40AN100-C55/32 Stainless Steel Thimble
20AN100-C63/16 Stainless Steel Thimble
1-Steel Box
1GA-1PCompression Gauge