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Wire Rope Net Clip Tool - #1-N

 Part No. : #1-N

Part No. #1-N: Wire Rope Net Clip Tool


Wire Rope Net Clip Tool - #1-N


Tool to apply Wire Rope Net Clips CP3-2 Series

Weight :  12 lbs.

Base :  3-1/2" Diameter x 4" H.

Overall height :  8"





 Compressed CP3-2 Net Clips  

 Compressed CP3-2


 Wire Rope Net Clip Tool - #1-N


How To Use the Tool -  #1-N
  1. Place clip in tool with the ears facing up
  2. Cross wires in clip slots
  3. Place top on wire's aligned with the slots
  4. Set anvil in grove and strike it with a dead blow hammer
  5. Ears will fold over the top (It should look like above image at the top-left)