Thursday, 16th August 2018 | 5:58:34pm | EST, USA

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Locoloc® #4-H Hydraulic


Hydraulic Swager



The #4 Locoloc® combines 30 tons of strength with an independent hydraulic power supply. It's lighter and more compact than normal, low or medium pressure hydraulic units.

This swager assures dependable pressure for strong, dependable cable assemblies.


This 10,000 PSI system swages 3/64" to 1/2" Locoloc® aluminum and copper oval and stop sleeves with ease.* The #4-H Locoloc® Hydraulic Swager, swages from 500 PSI every 1 second (approx.) to 8,000 PSI every 6 seconds (approx.).

If you suspect slow swaging production may be stealing some of your profits, find out more about the #4 Locoloc® Hydraulic Swager.
Alias: The Production Pusher.

Ask us about the many types of hardware and able we offer to solve your production needs, including Locoloc® aluminum and copper oval and stop sleeves.

*For dependable swaging, use only Locoloc® aluminum and copper oval and stop sleeves.


Click HERE to download/print a copy of the operator's manual.




the #4 Locoloc® Hydraulic Swager has a reputation for reliable production. It's quality components include:

- A 1 1/2 HP 115 volt powered 2 stage hydraulic pump and 4-way valve assembly with integral 5 gallon reservoir.

- A 3" bore hydraulic cylinder rated for 10,000 PSI.

- A control system providing a method of changing pressure and actuating the hydraulic swaging unit.

- A convenient work stand on which the swaging package is mounted

- A wide selection of swaging dies developed and proven by Loos & Co., Inc. Cableware® Division.


REPLACEABLE DIES - Sold Separately -


Die Shoe


Die Shoe



*5/16, 7/16, 1/2 and 3/8" sleeves require two compressions. Each compression will swage 1/2 the length of the sleeve.





To view a copy of the manual, click here.