Friday, 14th August 2020 | 12:54:59am | EST, USA

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Proper Swaging Sequence of Copper Sleeves

Although professional riggers will undoubtedly have their own preferences in applying swaging crimps in sequence, we have found the following suggestions to be helpful:

When applying multiple swages to a sleeve it is best to start at one end of the sleeve and work toward the other end, swaging in sequence until the proper number of swages are applied. Or you may start in the middle of the sleeve and go to either end completing the required number of swages. Do not swage the sleeve once on each end and then complete swages in the middle of the sleeve, as the copper material will not flow properly during expansion and will not allow the “lengthening” of the sleeve.

For larger size sleeves ( 1/8” and larger ) it helps to rotate the sleeve 180 degrees after each swage. This will keep the sleeve straight after swaging is completed eliminating the “banana effect” or bending of swaged sleeve.

Illustration of “banana effect”

Illustration of straight swaged sleeve Using 180 degree rotations