Thursday, 13th August 2020 | 11:47:19pm | EST, USA

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Proof Testing of Copper Sleeves

Military Specification copper sleeves manufactured to MS51844 will perform with acceptable results when the swaging instructions of the US domestic tool manufacturer are implemented properly.


The proof test for any wire rope or cable assembly should apply a load of no more than 60% of the minimum rated breaking strength of the cable. Example: For 1/8 “ 7 X 19 GAC = 2000 lbs. min break X .60 = 1200 lbs. proof test load Application of a higher load than 1200 lbs in this example can cause permanent damage to the cable being used.

For additional information regarding proof testing requirements please refer to footnote # 1 and footnote # 2 under table 1 - Nominal breaking strength as stated in MS51844.

The only standard that applies to the use of sleeves is MS51844.