Monday, 23rd November 2020 | 3:46:20pm | EST, USA

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Swaging - What is swaging?

Swaging is a method of securing wire rope or aircraft cable with a permanently applied fitting or sleeve. The swaged connection will exceed the rated breaking strength of the wire rope or cable when properly applied. The proper application involves:


  • - Using the correct swaging tool.
  • - Selecting the proper sleeve size for the corresponding cable size.
  • - Swaging the duplex copper oval sleeve in the proper cavity of the swaging tool with the required number of sleeve compressions.
  • - Gauging the compressed sleeve to measure the after swage diameter of the compressed sleeve.


Below is a photo of a cross section of an actual copper oval sleeve that has been swaged to galvanized wire rope. Wire rope size is 1/4” galvanized 7 x 19 construction. Copper sleeve is a Locoloc ® plain copper duplex sleeve # SL2-8 for 1/4” wire rope.


Swaging complete on a copper sleeve