Sunday, 18th April 2021 | 7:45:55am | EST, USA

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Pulleys & Sheaves

Pulleys and Sheaves

Loos & Co., Inc. Cableware Division has purchased the assets of Sheaves, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of pulleys and sheaves to the wire and wire rope industry. Sheaves, Inc. has been an established industry name for over 15 years, sourcing, manufacturing, and stocking custom engineered wire rope pulleys and sheaves that meet the specific needs of industry applications. Now part of the Loos & Co., Inc. family of products, we hold a large inventory of stock sheaves to offer additional solutions to our customers and to meet your immediate needs.

We are excited to offer products under the following three brands known in the wire and wire rope industry:

QSheaves Logo


QSheaves has long been known for quick delivery on customizable lifting sheaves. If you need a quality wire rope sheave from a reputable company that is both in stock & economical, QSheaves provide both a cost-effective and convenient solution without compromising quality. Learn more by visiting

ProcessSheaves Logo


ProcessSheaves is the industry source for pulleys used in wire and cable manufacturing. If you manufacture electrical wire & cable, medical tubing, optical fibers or similar products, then Process Sheaves designs & sells a complete line of sheaves and pulleys for processing of your linear products. Learn more by visiting

eSheaves Logo


eSheaves is the source for both stock and custom metal/plastic sheaves. For over fifteen years now, Sheaves Inc. has been the number one source for the wire-rope industry, designing and providing custom engineered wire rope sheaves that meet your specific needs and rigors of your application, We also supply a large inventory of stock sheaves from the best-known brands in the industry. Learn more by visiting

Operations will continue under the brand names established by Sheaves, Inc. and through the existing websites for the foreseeable future. Sales, customer service, and manufacturing operations have been moved to the Naples, FL location and shipments will be fulfilled from there. In addition to the current website contacts, you can also send inquiries for products, request order, and shipment information, and send any other general inquiries directly to or by calling 800-321-LOOS (5667).