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How To Use And Setup The M2 For The Single Or Double Shank Ball Terminal

The single shank ball terminals that can be swaged successfully with the Type II Swaging Machine are essentially defined by MS20664. The size range, in terms of normal cable diameter, is 1/16" thru 1/4".

To accommodate the ball in these terminals, the swaging dies are quite different from those used on straight shank terminals. Each roll die has four working arcs separated by four clearance flats. At the midpoint of each working arc is a pocket which receives the ball of the terminal. The four working arcs are numbered 1,2,3,and 4 in the order in which they are to be applied to the terminal, and these numbers are stamped on the flat side of the roll die near the mid point of the appropriate working arc. The normal size of the cable for which the roll die is to be used is also stamped on the flat side of each roll die. The roll dies are finished and supplied as matched pairs to ensure the proper alignment of the opposing grooves when they are mounted on the swaging machine. As shown in Figure 1, one of the pair has the word "UPPER" stamped on its flat side, its mate is marked "LOWER".

Figure 1


Remove the terminal adapter at the left hand end of the Feed Guide and replace it with the extra spring clip shown in Figure 1. The same flathead screws are used to attach either the adapter or the spring clip to the Feed Guide. Select a matched pair of roll dies marked for the size of cable onto which you wish to swage a ball terminal. The single key in the shafts and keyways in the roll dies will automatically position the two roll dies in the proper index relationship to each other. When the keys and keyways are lined up, push the roll dies all the way onto the shafts and secure them with the special flat washer and socket head bolts. Do not use tools to force the roll dies onto the shafts; this should not be necessary. Rotate the roll dies so that the clearance flats preceding the #1 working arc parallel as shown in Figure 1.




Figure 2


Select a single shank ball terminal of the proper size for the cable onto which is to be swaged. Using the gauge of the proper size range, shown in Figure 2, check the ball and shank of the terminal to be sure it is the correct size. Locate the terminal lengthwise on the cable and mark the cable so that location of the terminal can be checked just before starting the swaging operation. Be sure that the shank is on the correct side of the ball for the intended application. The cable-terminal assembly is now ready to be swaged. Insert the cable-terminal assembly in the Feed Guide with the ball located approximately midway between the spring clips, and the terminal shank on the right hand side of the ball, as shown in Figure 3. If the location of the terminal is at or near the end of the cable and the cable cannot be engaged with both spring clips. It must be engaged with the right-hand spring clip.

Figure 3


Inch the roll dies until the ball has entered the #1 die pockets, but is not being squeezed as indicated on the cable. Check the location of the terminal on the cable. When you are satisfied that this is correct, rotate the roll dies until the clearance flats between the #1 and #2 working arcs are parallel. To remove the ridge or flash left on the terminal by the first pass, rotate the cable-terminal assembly 90 degrees around its own axis, and move the Feed Guide with the cable to the right. Inch the roll dies around until the ball is accurately engaged in the #2 pocket and then roll it through the #2 working arc. Repeat the same procedure at the #3 and #4 arcs of the roll dies. Rotate the cable-terminal assembly 45 degrees before making the third pass and 90 degrees before making the fourth pass. Rotate 90 degrees and roll through #2 position again to help eliminate remaining flash if desired. Gauge the shank and ball for proper size with the ball terminal gauge. If further reduction is necessary, pass the terminal through the #4 position a second time, rotating the terminal 90 degrees from position used in preceding pass for this final pass. The ball terminal gauge is designed to measure the diameter of the shank and ball between "flash" after swaging.


Each end of a double shank ball terminal is swaged as described above, as though it was a single shank terminal. Swage one end of the double shank terminal completely through all four of the roll die working arcs. Then reverse the cable terminal assembly in the Feed Guide and swage the other end in the same manner.

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