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Locoloc® #1-SC Handswager

Locoloc® Handswager
Part No. #1-SC


Locoloc® #1-SC Handswager


                              LOCOLOC® #1-SC - HANDSWAGER

Eye, lap and stop sleeve splicing of cables are made sure and easy with the new handswagers. Design features "over-center" leverage, which transmits a powerful snap-action to the final thrust of the jaws... assuring a tight, clean compression every time. Easy adjustment. Individual replacement parts are available. Parts list included with  tool. Gauge included with each tool.



This tool is for Copper and Aluminum only.  For Stainless Steel Sleeves use "0" tool.

 Click HERE to dowload/print a copy of our general swaging instructions.




Multi-compression hand swager with cable cutter. Swages 1/16", 3/32", 1/ 8 " , 5/32" and 3/16" oval and stop sleeves, plus 7/32" stop sleeves, total of 11 sizes plus the ability to cut up to 7/32" diameter aircraft quality steel cable. A tool with a dozen functions!

Length: 26"

Weight: 6.5 lbs.





300-1A   Jaw Head Assembly Includes;

300-1  Swaging Jaw Set     (1)

302-0   Back Plate                (1)

303-1   Front Plate                (1)

304-1   Fulcrum Pin               (1)

305-1  Jaw Bolt                    (2)

306-1  Plate Bolt                    (1)

307-1  Nut for Jaw Bolt         (2)

308-1  Nut for Plate Bolt        (1)


301-R-1A  Right Handle (sold as an assembly only) includes:

301-R  Handle                          (1)

309-1   Connecting Pin             (1)

310-1   Adjusting Arm              (1)

311-1   Adjusting Screw          (1)

312-1   Washer                        (1)

313-1  Nylon Bushing               (1)






Your  LOCOLOC® Swager has been designed to give you years of trouble free service. To obtain the best possible performance, we recommend:


        (1) clean and lubricate all moving parts regularly

        (2) keep all bolts tight

        (3) keep your swager properly adjusted  









To assure proper swaging of Locoloc® aluminum and copper  sleeves we include a Locoloc® “Go/No-Go” gauge with each cable swaging tool free of charge



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   How to use a #1-SC HANDSWAGING TOOL