The Production Expediter / Coordinator is primarily responsible for work order monitoring, in accordance with the Master Production Schedule. The Production Coordinator will work closely with the Production Planner and the Production Manager ensuring the timely execution of the master plan via WO release and following oversight. The Production Coordinator is responsible for knowing the status of released work orders and for generally promoting their on-time fulfillment. Whereas the Production Planner is creating the production plan, the Production Coordinator is responsible for implementing it, such that committed fulfillment dates are met.


  1. Work order monitoring to ensure fulfillment of the MPS plan.
  2. Ensuring that work order release packages are complete, accurate and aligned with the MPS.
  3. Moves raw material, WIP and other production material to support production work.
  4. Pulls together kits as necessary to support production.
  5. Monitor, track, and move parts as required through the production flow to ensure timely delivery to next production location
  6. Assists Production Planner as required
  7. Coordinate Outside Services to ensure on-time delivery
  8. Communicate part status and estimated completion dates


Perform other tasks as assigned.


  1. Detail-oriented and able to multi-task
  2. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows software
  3. 1+ years of coordinating experience in a manufacturing environment
  4. Analytical and problem solving skills
  5. Proven interpersonal skills


  1. High school diploma or equivalent. (Previous work experience can substitute for formal education.)
  2. Working knowledge of ERP systems
  3. Understanding of manufacturing processes preferably in a metal machine shop environment

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Job Type: Full-time

Work Location: Naples, FL