The duties of the CNC Turning Set-Up Operator are to set up and operate CNC Turning Centers from print or specifications.


1. Set-Up Operator must review programs provided for correctness.

2. Change/set tools, collets, tool holders, as required by program.

3. Determine/set all tooling offsets.

4. Setup bar feeder with proper collets, guide channels, and bushings.

5. Produce acceptable parts within production rates.

6. Adjusts speeds and feeds, if necessary.

7. Does scheduled maintenance.

8. Assists others with any issues on CNCs.

9. Trains other operators on set-up, operation, and minor repairs.

10. Adheres to ISO/ASI standards.

11. Review production process for improvements.

12. Measures 1st piece and fills out 1st piece inspection form.

13. Troubleshoots and repairs machines, when possible.

14. Keeps logs of down-time, maintenance performed, and repairs.


1. Operates machines when necessary.

2. Sorts any nonconforming parts.

3. Performs other duties as assigned.


1. Ability to read blueprints.

2. Strong mechanical aptitude.

3. Leadership skills.

4. Basic understanding of G Code programs.

5. Basic understanding of geometry.

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